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Cajetan Giannattasio del Rio, seine Ehefrau Katharina und seine Töchter Maria Anna und Franziska - Fotografien nach vier anonymen Silhouetten des 19. Jahrhunderts

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, NE 81, Band IV, Nr. 710 a

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Cajetan Giannatasio del Rio (1764-1828) had been the owner of a boarding school in Vienna since 1798. Beethoven's nephew Karl visited Giannatasio's school from 1816 to 1818. Giannatasio's older daughter Fanny (1790-approx. 1876) admired Ludwig van Beethoven very much. This conclusion can be drawn from her diary entries since 1812. In 1816, she first met the master in person and apparently she had feelings of friendship and even loving feelings for him. Whith Beethoven's nephew being enrolled in Giannatasio's boarding school, the composer stayed in close contact with the Giannatasios for about two years.

Fanny's notes from that time describe clearly the appearance and the moods of Beethoven, and they give interesting details of the relationship between the composer and his nephew. Even after Karl had left the boarding school, Beethoven continued to socialize with the Giannatasio family. Although the relationship was not as intense as before 1817, they did stay in contact with each other. On the occasion of Anna (Nanni) del Rio┬┤s (1792-approx. 1866) wedding with Leopold Schmerling in 1819, Beethoven wrote the "Hochzeitslied" ("Wedding Song"), WoO 105.(S.B.)

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