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Ludwig van Beethoven, Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 4 (G-Dur) op. 58, Finale, Überleitung zum 3. Refrain des Rondos (T. 415), Autograph

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Sammlung H. C. Bodmer, HCB Mh 17

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The old call number "Beethowen 101" gives it away: as with all of Beethoven's other cadenzas for the Fourth Piano Concerto, this one was also inserted into the original edition of the concerto in the music collection of Archduke Rudolph. Yet unlike the other ones it is not a cadenza in the strictest sense but rather a transition, which has been fully written out, within the last movement. The finale of the Fourth Piano Concerto is a rondo. This movement is constructed like a circle because the refrain keeps returning. The circular form is interrupted by different interludes. Before the theme returns each time in the orchestra, the solo piano has a transitional part, which is written out. Beethoven obviously wanted to change the second transition - the autograph score shown here bears the heading "Rondo 1ter Eingang ins Thema bleibt, 2ter Eingang ins Thema [:]" ("Rondo 1st entry to the theme remains, 2nd entry into the theme [:]"). He therefore considered the first transition to be fitting but intended the second to be replaced by this manuscript. The handwritten note beneath the old call number also bears this out: "pag 32". The relevant place in the piano part of the original edition, in which the manuscript was inserted, can actually be found on page 32 (and not on page 30, as suggested by the correction in pencil underneath). (J.R.)

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