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Moritz Graf von Lichnowsky (1771-1837) - Fotografie eines anonymen Ölgemäldes aus dem 19. Jahrhundert

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, NE 81, Band I, Nr. 170

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Count Moritz von Lichnowsky was the younger brother of Beethoven's patron Prince Karl von Lichnowsky. Like his older brother, Moritz was a good friend of Beethoven. Obviously, his relationship to the composer was especially intimate and warm as various entries by Lichnowsky in Beethoven's conversation booklets show. The canon "Bester Herr Graf, sie sind ein Schaf" (Honored Count, you are a sheep [sheep=fool]) composed by Beethoven in 1823 and alluding to Lichnowsky, gives evidence of the relaxed relationship between both men.

Moritz von Lichnowsky supported his friend in many ways. He assisted Beethoven in getting a position as a court musician and also helped him to find a suitable libretto for an opera. Beethoven, on his part, dedicated his "Prometheus variations" op. 35 and the piano sonata in E minor op. 90 to the Count.(S.B.)

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