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Franz Joachim Reichsgraf von Oppersdorff (1778-1818) - Fotografie einer Lithographie von Andreas Staub, wohl nach einer eigenen Zeichnung

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, NE 81, Band III, Nr. 428

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Count Franz von Oppersdorff, an enthusiastic music lover, had a private orchestra at his family residence in Ober-Glogau (Upper Silesia).
In autumn of 1806 Ludwig van Beethoven met the Count when he visited his patron Prince Lichnowsky in Grätz close to Troppau. Oppersdorff was sympathetic towards Beethoven and ordered two symphonies.

As well-preserved letters and notes from the years 1807 until 1808 prove, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (C major op. 67) was originally intended for Count Oppersdorff. For economic reasons the composer sold the piece, however, to the Breitkopf & Härtel publishing house. As a compensation he dedicated his Fourth Symphony (B flat major op. 60) which he wrote at least partially during his stay in Grätz to the Count.(S.B.)

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