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More than 700 of the 1770 known private and business letters from Beethoven belong to the collection of the Beethoven-Haus. The original documents featured as part of the Digital Archives are accompanied by a table of contents and a description of the source.

In addition, 335 letters are presented in an audio format. When choosing which letters should be turned into audioletters, criteria such as content and recipients were considered. Letters to publishers were given priority, followed by letters to friends and patrons, family members, colleagues, techers, civil servants and physicians. These letters provide a more personal insight into Beethoven's life as a person, artist and businessman.

Subdivision of Beethoven's correspondence in the digital archive...

Besides the correspondence between other people, there are other text documents such as files and certificates, receipts, catalogues, album sheets and so on, which are used for researching Beethoven's life.

Audioletters by theme Famous letters as a short biography
Beethoven and his nephew
Beethoven's household
Cheerful Beethoven
Sick Beethoven
Beethoven's professional world
Letters from Beethoven
(audioletters included)
Family members
Friends from Bonn
Friends in Vienna
Patrons and customers
Theatres, artistic directors and actors
Poets, writers and journalists
Authorities, civil servants, teachers
Letters to Beethoven Friends from Bonn
Friends in Vienna
Patrons and customers
Poets, writers and journalists
Documents Dispute over custodianship of Karl
Beethoven's death and bequest
Documents from family members
Business documents
Beethoven's pension
Beethoven's everyday life (conversation books)
Beethoven's work
New Year wishes etc.
Album leaves
Letters Before Beethoven's death
After Beethoven's death