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Many depictions focusing on Ludwig van Beethoven's person and his artistic work were already created during the 19th century. Out of this abundance of objects, the Beethoven-Haus owns numerous examples.

Pictures and paintings of Beethoven are the largest group. The authentic Beethoven depictions includes portraits that were painted during Beethoven's lifetime. Even though some artists drew their paintings from memory after meeting the composer, Beethoven mostly sat as a model for the painters.

Most of the Beethoven portraits were created after 1827. They give evidence of the myth around the composer and his continuing charisma. The paintings from Beethoven's lifetime are of a particular biographical value.

Depictions of family members, contemporaries and friends of the composer as well as the locations where he lived or stayed at temporarily, illustrate Beethoven's environment.

Coins and medals were embossed to honour the composer. And his face is featured on a number of stamps, but access is not possible here.

Objects owned by Beethoven as well as relics and historical music instruments fall into a particular category.

Beethoven depictions until 1827 Head and half length portraits
Half and full figure depictions
Busts and masks
Other depictions
Alleged Beethoven portraits
Beethoven depictions 1828 until today Head and half length portraits
Half figure depictions
Full figure depictions
Beethoven depictions by theme Beethoven in the nature
Beethoven composing
Beethoven playing
Beethoven works
Allegoric depictions
Beethoven sculptures 1828 until today Monuments and drafts
Coins and medals Beethoven depictions
Other depictions
Music instruments Music instruments of Beethoven
Other music instruments
Household items and relics Household items and relics
Skull of Beethoven and Schubert
Depictions of other persons Single, double, family and group portraits A-Z
Beethoven dwellings Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Bonngasse
Beethoven dwellings in Vienna
Other Beethoven dwellings in Bonn
Beethoven dwellings in other citys
Beethoven tombs Beethoven tombs
Other tombs
Topographic depictions Bonn
Other towns, buildings and landscapes A-Z
Other Posters, placards, commercials
Caricatures and comic strips