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Symphony no. 7 (A major) op. 92

Listening samples
1. Poco sostenuto - Vivace (365 kB)
2. Allegretto (365 kB)
3. Presto (365 kB)
4. Allegro con brio (365 kB)

September 1811 to ca. April 1812
Dedicated to Moritz Johann Christian Graf von Fries

Beethoven wrote '1812, August 13th' on the autograph of the Seventh Symphony, probably referring to its date of completion. He had worked on the composition during the previous year and in winter 1811-1812, mainly using the so-called Petter Sketchbook (now displayed at the Beethoven-Haus). Initially he planned to première the symphony in Graz at a charity concert for the Ursulines, organised by Joseph von Varena. This plan was never carried out. Instead, the piece was premièred at Vienna University on December 8, 1813, during a charity concert under Beethoven's direction. The programme also included the first performance of Wellington's Victory. At that time, Beethoven's public success was at its zenith. Despite his continuously deteriorating hearing (on the first page of the Petter Sketchbook he noted that cotton in his ears stopped the hissing sounds when he played the piano), the Seventh clearly expresses joy, happiness and a will to live. Music critic Theodor W. Adorno even called it 'the symphony par excellence'.

Quite similar was the review by a critic for the Wiener Allgemeine Zeitung: 'The classical nature of the symphonies by Mr. van Beethoven, the greatest instrumental composer of our times, is generally recognized. This new symphony brings no less admiration to its composer than the earlier ones, and it might be an advantage of the new one that its parts are so clear, its themes so pleasant and easy to understand, so that music lovers need not be connoisseurs to enjoy it and be enchanted by its beauty. A detailed analysis of the symphony would, despite its scope, never be sufficient to depict the whole picture for readers who did not hear the performance. To appreciate works of art, one must be present. Mr. van Beethoven did not define the character of this symphony as he did for other ones; but if we may do so in his stead and express our humble opinion, we may observe that its different parts appeal to us in a romantic rhythm of the melodies.' (J.R.)

Music manuscripts
Skizzen, BH 105
Skizzen, BH 120
Skizzen, BH 123
Skizzen, HCB Mh 59
Skizzen, HCB Mh 85
Skizzen, NE 110
Skizzen, NE 128
Überprüfte Abschrift, op. 92, Partitur, HCB Mh 53

First editions
Originalausgabe, op. 92, Partitur, Steiner, 2560, C 92 / 39
Originalausgabe, op. 92, Partitur, Steiner, 2560; Teilscan, J. Van der Spek C op. 92
Titelauflage, op. 92, Stimmen, Steiner, 2561, C 92 / 33

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Anschlagzettel für Beethovens musikalische Akademie im Wiener Redoutensaal am 29. November 1814, NE 307
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Billet an Tobias Haslinger, Wien, vielleicht Februar 1823, HCB Br 141

Allegorie zu Beethovens 7. Sinfonie - Farbdruck nach einer Graphik von Fritz Erler, 1900, B 2426
"Die neun Symphonien grüßen ihren sterbenden Schöpfer, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree als Beethoven bei der Aufführung des gleichnamigen Dramas in London" - Reproduktion einer Zeichnung von Fred Pegram, 1909 ?, B 2476
Graf Moritz von Fries (1777-1826) mit seiner Familie - Fotografie einer mit A.G. bezeichnete Reproduktion eines Gemäldes von François Gérard, um 1913, NE 81, Band II, Nr. 272
Beethovens 7. Sinfonie, 2. Satz - Ölgemälde von Tommaso de Meo, Rom, 1965, 1965, B 2283
Beethovens 7. Sinfonie, 3. Satz - Ölgemälde von Tommaso de Meo, Rom, 1965, 1965, B 2284
Beethovens 7. Sinfonie, 1. Satz - Ölgemälde von Tommaso de Meo, Rom, 1965, 1965, B 3137
Beethovens 7. Sinfonie, 4. Satz - Ölgemälde von Tommaso de Meo, Rom, 1966, 1966, B 3138
"Andanté de la Symphonie in La" - Fotografie einer aquarellierten Federzeichnung von Eugène Louis Lami, 1968, B 971
Beethovens Sinfonie Nr. 7 (A-dur, op. 92) - Fotografie eines Gemäldes von Radu Dragomir, um 1971, Ni 42 DRAG / 1970 Drag

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Manuscript sources in other libraries
Berlin: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung mit Mendelssohn-Archiv
Frankreich, Paris: Bibliothèque du Conservatoire, in: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Großbritannien, Oxford: The Bodleian Library
Österreich, Wien: Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Archiv, Bibliothek und Sammlungen
Polen, Kraków: Biblioteka Jagiellonska
Russland, St. Petersburg: Rossijskaja nacional' naja biblioteka
USA, New York: The Morgan Library

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