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Ludwig van Beethoven, Eigentumsbestätigung für Artaria & Comp. über alle bis 1820 im Verlag erschienenen Werke, Wien, 4. April 1820

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Sammlung H. C. Bodmer, HCB Br 5

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Beethoven formally sends confirmation of the publisher's ownership of the compositions, which Artaria has published first over the years. Amongst the works mentioned there are also three that were originally published by Traeg (op. 9, 66 and WoO 65). Artaria had bought the publishing rights and the plates from him.
All of the works are listed with their publisher's number, the opus number (if it has one), a full title as well as musical incipits. As far as op. 104 is concerned, Beethoven has added the note that this quintet has also been sold in London with Artaria's permission, "however only for England".

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