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Fürst Karl Lichnowsky (1761-1814) - Fotografie eines anonymen Ölgemäldes aus dem Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, NE 81, Band I, Nr. 168

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Prince Karl von Lichnowsky originated from an old and wealthy aristocratic family, who possessed goods in Prussia and Austria. The music-loving prince took lessons from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and he admired Beethoven's music. He became one of the most important patrons of the composer. Beethoven temporarily lived in the house of the prince (approx. from 1793 until 1795). Several of his compositions had their premiere at the concerts that took place there on a regular basis - among them were also the three Trios op. 1 he had dedicated to Prince Lichnowsky.

Beethoven also received financial support from his patron in many ways. Prince Lichnowsky gave him an annual salary of 600 fl. in the year of 1800, which he wanted to pay to him until the composer would have a secure income. In addition, the Prince gave the string instruments to the composer, which today can be seen in the Beethoven-Haus. On his part, Beethoven dedicated a number of his works to Karl von Lichnowsky, for example the "Sonate pathétique" for piano op. 13 and the Piano Sonata in A flat op. 26, as well as his Second Symphony in D Major op. 36.

In 1806, the relation between the two men worsened, since Beethoven did not give in when the prince wanted him to play for French officers, who did not have any musical understanding whatsoever. But their relation got better again and Prince Lichnoswsky remained Beethoven's friend for many years until his old age.(S.B.)

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