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Single, double, family and group portraits A-Z Single, double,
 family and group
 portraits A-Z

Single, double, family and group portraits A-Z

Besides the portraits of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Beethoven-House owns a number of other pictures and paintings such as depictions of the composer's family members, his friends and contemporaries as well as numerous portraits of musicians of the 18th and 19th century. The collection also includes paintings of persons who contributed to the Beethoven-House by their work or support as well as important guests from politics and culture who visited the museum in the past decades.

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Anton Haitzinger (1796-1869) - Fotografie einer Lithographie von Josef KriehuberRumpff und Co. (Bonn), Konzert des Halir-Quartetts in der Beethoven-Halle beim Kammermusikfest in Bonn, 1909 - Fotografie des Ateliers Rumpff & CoCharles Hallé (1819-1895) - Fotografie von Stanislaus Julian Walery
Anton Halm (1789-1872) - Fotografie einer Reproduktion nach einer anonymen Aufnahme des 19. JahrhundertsJoseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall (1774-1856) - Stich von Johann Nepomuk Passini nach einem Gemälde von Philipp von StubenrauchJoseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall (1774-1856) - Fotografie einer mit A. G. bezeichneten Reproduktion eines Stichs von Philipp John, vielleicht nach einem Gemälde von Wilhelm Krafft