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Christopher Lonsdale, Brief an Ludwig van Beethoven in Wien, London, 8. November 1816, Autograph, Konzept

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, NE 151

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Christopher Lonsdale answers Beethoven's letter of 1 October 1816 on behalf of his English publisher Birchall (Lonsdale is one of Birchall's employees). First of all he says that he is happy that payment for the last works they have bought (piano reductions for opp. 91 and 92 as well as opp. 96 and 97) has been made to the satisfaction of both parties. However, he does ask for the certificate of ownership which Beethoven was supposed to have sent back after receipt of payment.
As long as this has not arrived, they are not in a position to hold further negotiations for new compositions. Birchall had asked Beethoven for variations but Beethoven's price of £30 is too high. He is not prepared to pay more than £10-£12, plus any additional costs which may arise.
Lonsdale tells him that the piano reduction for the Seventh Symphony op. 92 will soon be ready for publication; he is, however, waiting for Beethoven to give the go-ahead before it is published. Birchall is concerned that the Violin Sonata op. 96 and the Piano Trio op. 97 have probably already appeared in Vienna; in future he asks Beethoven to name the exact date of publication when he gives the go-ahead to publish. In the last paragraph Lonsdale adds that op. 96 has already been published and that op. 97 will appear in the next few days.
Finally Lonsdale says that Birchall's health has not been very good for over two years and that it is continually getting worse. He therefore apologizes for the fact that Birchall is obliged to turn down Beethoven's offer of another sonata and a trio.
Underneath the greeting at the end (as it is a draft, it has not been signed) the question has been added, whether the opera Fidelio has been published, and if so, where and when.

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