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Ludwig van Beethoven, Brief an Eleonore von Breuning, Bonn, Sommer 1792, Autograph, Fragment

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Sammlung Wegeler, W 6

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The letter follows a disagreement between Beethoven and Eleonore von Breuning, to whom this letter is addressed. Beethoven thanks his friend for the scarf she has made him - he is delighted with it. He is sorry for his bad behaviour towards her and assures her he will never forget her and her mother (Maria Helene von Breuning). He would not be able to bear the loss of their friendship.
"A little something in retaliation for your good thoughts" Beethoven sends her Variations (according to the BGA probably WoO 66) and the Rondo for Violin and Piano (WoO 41; neither manuscript has survived), so that she can have a copy made. He apologizes for still not having been able to send her the promised sonata (WoO 51?). He has, however, not yet had a fair copy made and not even a good copyist would be able to make a copy from his manuscript which "is almost only a sketch".
Finally Beethoven assures her once again of his friendship and wishes Eleonore von Breuning and her mother all the best for their coming summer sojourn in Kerpen. One of Eleonore von Breuning's uncles had an estate in Kerpen, a village to the west of Cologne, and she often spent the summer there. From Beethoven's note about their imminent departure we can infer that the letter was written in summer 1792.

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