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Ludwig van Beethoven, Brief an Ignaz Moscheles in London, Wien, 18. März 1827

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Sammlung Wegeler, W 32

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Beethoven thanks Moscheles for receipt of the 1,000 florins C.M. which the London Philharmonic Society has put at his disposal at short notice. He explains that he needs this money to be able to cover his costs without having to borrow money.
Beethoven hopes that the Philharmonic Society will really be able to hold an academy on his behalf. If the proceeds from the concert are high enough and over 1,000 florins, he would be grateful for the balance. In return he promises to either compose a symphony or an overture for the Society.
Beethoven hopes to soon be well again so that he can thank the Philharmonic Society in an appropriate manner. He also thanks Moscheles for his involvement, as well as Herren Smart and Stumpff who have also interceded on his behalf.
In a postscript he adds that he has found a new friend in Sebastian Rau (the person who delivered the money). On the third page of the letter he sends the metronome markings for the Ninth Symphony op. 125 which are to be passed on to the Philharmonic Society (the Society had commissioned the symphony).

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