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Beethovens Leichenzug vor dem ehemaligen Schwarzspanierkloster in Wien, 1827 - Aquarell von Franz Xaver Stöber

Beethoven-Haus Bonn, B 209

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On the day of Ludwig van Beethoven's funeral his coffin was laid in state in the courtyard of the "Schwarzspanierhaus", where a large crowd had collected. Towards three o' clock in the afternoon the coffin was finally closed and carried in a ceremonial procession to the Trinity Church in the Alservorstadt, where the funeral service was held.

The sources report unanimously that on account of the surging crowd it was difficult to order the procession and for Beethoven's relatives and close friends to take their places. When the procession passed by the "Rotes Haus", in which Stepan von Breuning lived with his family, a group of trombonists in the procession played an arrangement of the funeral march from Beethoven's Piano Sonata in A-flat major, op. 26. Franz Stöber's watercolour captures this moment: in the background of the picture the façade of the Schwarzspanierhaus can be seen and on the right next to it the row of houses with the former prelacy building of the monastery, in which Beethoven had lived. In almost all of the windows people can be seen, except on the top floor, where there are several empty windows. These represent the rooms Beethoven had occupied.(S.B.)

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