Studio for Digital Collections

The studio features eight double and four single computer workstations with flatscreen monitors, headsets and mice. Visitors can access the Digital Archive, use special programmes and choose the following options:

  • View Beethoven's handwritten and printed works in a high-resolution format

  • Listen to all works recorded by the "Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft"

  • Request melodic autographs to listen to and follow the notes

  • Compare interpretations of Beethoven's piano sonata "Appassionata"

  • Experience Beethoven's life in letters and pictures

  • Listen to a reading from Beethoven's letters

  • Visit virtual exhibitions

  • Visit Beethoven's digitally reconstructed apartment in Vienna

  • Take a closer look at favourite objects from the exhibition at the composer's birthplace

  • Get Beethoven better known with "Hello Beethoven", the website for children

  • Send greeting cards with different motives

  • Order individually designed posters