Schriften zur Beethoven-Forschung
Band 30
Musik am Bonner kurfürstlichen Hof, Band 2
The Operatic Library of Elector Maximilian Franz
Reconstruction, Catalogue, Contexts
Elisabeth Reisinger, Juliane Riepe, John D. Wilson, in collaboration with Birgit Lodes, 2018
In den Warenkorb
Preface and Acknowledgements

John D. Wilson, with Elisabeth Reisinger

Part One: Opera at the Bonn Court Theater: Institutions, Agents, Repertories

Juliane Riepe
1. Court Opera in Bonn (and Elsewhere), 1761–1778
Music Theater During the Early Reign of Maximilian Friedrich
The 1760s and 1770s: A Time of Change for Opera at German Courts – a Comparative Study

Juliane Riepe
2. The Establishment of a "Deutsche Schaubühne" Under Elector Maximilian Friedrich, 1778–1784
Bonn: The German Theater's Founding in 1778 and its Context
Großmann's Troupe: The Musical Performers
The Performance Season in Bonn and Guest Performances Elsewhere
The Repertoire
Procuring the Performance Material
The Dismissal of the Großmann Company and the Fate of its Music Library

Elisabeth Reisinger, John D. Wilson
3. The Theater Under Maximilian Franz, 1784–1794
Traveling Companies in Bonn
Planning and Realizing a New Court Theater
New Developments in the Bonn Ensemble and its Repertoire
Procuring the Performance Material: The Role of Nikolaus Simrock
The End of the Bonn Court Theater

John D. Wilson, with Elisabeth Reisinger and Juliane Riepe
4. Epilogue: The Changing Meanings of Court Theater in Bonn

Elisabeth Reisinger, with Juliane Riepe
5. Playing Schedule of Opera, 1778–1793

Elisabeth Reisinger
6. Court Musicians, 1778–1794

Part Two: The Operatic Library of Elector Maximilian Franz

Elisabeth Reisinger, John D. Wilson
7. The Collection's Genesis and Structure
Maximilian Franz as Musician and Patron in Vienna and Bonn
Maximilian Franz as Music Collector
The Bonn Court's Music Inventories and their Role in Reconstructing the Operatic Library

John D. Wilson
8. Catalogue Raisonné of the Surviving Operatic Sources
General Remarks on Orientation
Full List of Relevant Sources in I-Moe, with Notes on their Provenance
Detailed Source Catalogue of Selected Manuscripts in I-Moe
Sources in Other Collections of Related Provenance
Simrock's Copyists: Their Handwriting and Institutional Context
Paper-Types in Bonn and their Watermarks
Bonn Replacement Arias and Ensembles, 1778–1794

Elisabeth Reisinger
Appendix: Archival Sources Concerning Music Theater at the Bonn Court
I. Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv Wien (A-Whh)
II. Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen - Abteilung Rheinland (D-DGla)
III. Stadtarchiv Bonn (D-BNsa)
IV. Beethoven-Haus Bonn (D-BNba)
V. Leipzig University Library (D-LEu)
VI. Journals and Periodicals

Index of Persons
Index of Musical Works

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